Let The Games Begin

jladvdcover.jpgSo here we go. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The contest for the Justice League: The New Frontier DVD has begun.

Stating now you have until Monday February 25nd @ 9:00 PM EST to invent and dress up as your own Super Hero. It can be any kind of super hero you’d like but points are awarded for creativity. Also extra points will be awarded for dynamic duo’s as well. In other words if you’re a parent and you get your kid(s) to dress up as your sidekick this will tip the scales in your favor.

When you have completed your costume, snap a picture of yourself, and your sidekick if you have one, doing something heroic and email it to me at: superman1224@gmail.com. I will post all entries on this blog and announce the winner on Tuesday February 26th, the day the Justice League DVD is released. The winner will receive a free copy of Justice League: The New Frontier for FREE, courtecy of Warner Home Video.

Good luck to you all and remember the more creative the better. Any questions email me or post them in the comments.


4 Responses to “Let The Games Begin”

  1. Excellent….looking forward to saving the world from evil!!!

  2. thats awesome man…

  3. Submitted to your email address.

  4. […] Stuff. They’re not always free. Tanner’s Ducktape Man won Jason’s superhero contest and the free DVD. But it cost me $10 in materials, and another $10 for a movie to give Tanner that […]

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