The Future Of Music

Daft Punk might sound like a social group slang term, but I assure you it’s the name of a real (I use the term loosely) band. Although you might not have heard of the name I am certain you have heard at least one of their songs. These guys are enormous, selling out every single venue they play. Their going rate is 100,000 to 150,000 a show! Their live shows, like the one I’ve posted above cannot be put into words. To say it is an experience is selling it way short. They have a huge following, marking them as the best kept but most talked about secret going these days. Wearing leather space suits most of the time, their faces are never seen. Most songs are pre-recorded and are performed similarly to a pop star, meaning it’s more about the performance than the music. To put it bluntly these guys are DJ’s. Very creative, highly paid DJ’s.

This brings me to the question, are these guys the future of music? Kids in my circle used to talk about bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and STP. It was the first genera split in my generation. It was “alternative” Rock. It seems now music is changing even more. Kids that look like me and dress like me, are setting down their guitars and picking up their Apple Laptops, keyboards, and turntables. They find a good run of notes, digitize the crap out of it with all sorts of effects and call it soup. So is this it? Are the dreams of my kid shredding on a guitar only a dream? Instead of a Gibson is my kid gonna want an Apple touch screen laptop with 500,000 GB of RAM and a 100 Tera bite Hard Drive and some turn tables? I am I now a dinosaur for owning an instrument?

What do you guys think of the a digital music world?


3 Responses to “The Future Of Music”

  1. I LOVE IT!

    You’re already starting to sound like a 60 year old man.

    The innovations of today, and the thoughts of where it will go tomorrow excite me rather than make me long for the past. Sure I love my 80’s, but that’s because they were different from the 70’s.

    Things like this get my juices flowing about the creative process.

  2. If it is only based on the production value then maybe. But it most likely end up with a niche in the overall music world.

  3. I’m not a fan of just the ‘techno’ music, but I think a combination of the two is awesome. I think technology with live instrumentation mixed with synths in new and creative ways is gonna be awesome. I mean, these guys have to know how to use a keyboard. As technology improves, stuff like this will be easier on a guitar, and I think we’ll be blown away by what our kids can do with their macs. (mine WILL have macs if I have anything to do with it. 🙂 )

    This is actually pretty tight though. I’m sure it’s fun as hell to make… where is my midi keyboard?

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