Writers Back To Work

So it seems that after many dark months without some of our favorite shows like Hero’s and The Office, it seems that the writers will be returning to work as early as tomorrow.

So the big question on everyone’s minds with this new is, “So, when are my shows coming back?” CNN is has a great article covering just that. You can find that here. To give a brief overview on the shows that will be coming back in the spring, here is a brief and tentative list.

LOST: should be ready with new episodes at least a week after the scheduled “final” episode, which I believe was 9.

The Office: may be back in early spring, however this is not yet certain

Smallville: According to the CW, they want at least 5 more episodes for this season. That would put them at 20 for season 7. Not bad. They would return in April or May.

My Name is Earl: Should be back sometime this spring.

– The 100 million versions of CSI should also be back.

There are a few show that are listed as not returning till the new fall season. Some of them include Chuck, HEROES, and Dirty Sexy Money. 24 will also not likely start till early 2009. There are also shows that seem to be gone for good, such as Journey Man, K-ville, and The Bionic Woman (shocker).

This is great news, especially since the writers have seemingly gained residuals from internet broadcasts of their shows. This was their biggest beef with the networks. So a good victory for them. This is a happy day. I’m pumped that some of my favorite series have been saved.


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