What The Drip?

So I love coffee. I drink a lot of it. I drink it all day long. We have a coffee pot at work that takes forever to brew. I tried a little experiment at work today to see just how long it takes to brew 10 cups of coffee. I set a timer for 5 minutes and started the drip. The timer went off and there is only 3 cups in the pot. What the crap? I have a coffee pot at home that is like 3 years old and I swear it doesn’t take this long. So how long does it take to make a drip at your house?


2 Responses to “What The Drip?”

  1. Got a Keurig single-cup maker. Absolutley love it – would move to a cave to keep it. 30secs, fresh cup, anytime day night or other.

  2. snowjunkie Says:

    Ours doesn’t take too long to fill the pot, but the coffee ain’t hot enough straight-away… that’s the bit I hate waiting on.

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