Looking better all the time.


I might catch a little heat from my circle for this one. Mainly because I have been a straight up Republican my entire life. Most of my friends and all of my family are as well. I voted for Mr. Bush both times. The first time being my first experience in voting in a presidential election.

Over the years since GW’s second tour of duty, I’ve educated myself a little more in terms of the way the political world works. Seeing how much this particular President has made quite a mess for the country, it got me thinking how naive it is to vote for someone just based on their political party. It seemed to be a morality vote for us Christians. “Hey if the guy is against abortion, he’s got my vote”. There’s a bit more to it than that. Don’t get me wrong, abortion is a horrible thing and I will stand against it for as long as I live, but there are more issues that face this country and American’s than abortion and the union of homosexuals. Look at it this way, we’ve had a Republican president, (who is against both those things) for almost 8 years, and not only are there still homosexuals who have wed, but abortions still take place in this country. Don’t misunderstand me, I know they would take place at a national level if a bill was passed, but it would take more than just the President to pass that bill. The proverbial cherry on top, is that nearly 4,000 Americans have lost their lives in a war that seems to have no end.

I say all that to say this, as a straight up Republican voter, I have a bad taste in my mouth with Republicans. I’m not saying I am voting democrat no matter what, because there is no way I would ever vote for Billary Clinton. I’m just saying political party is not the basis of my criteria any longer. It’s important to know all the issues and be an educated voter. Remember that you’re not only voting for a candidate, but also who is backing them financially, and their interest groups.

Barack Obama is looking better all the time. I’ve only heard him speak a few times and he seems pretty on top of things, however, isn’t that the point, for them to seem? There is no real way to tell that they are going to do what they say they are going to do, and forget hearing how they are going to do it. I’ve never heard someone say I am going to do this and this is how it is going to be done. It kills me. They could get up there and say anything they want. So I do still struggle with supporting one person at this point, but based on the picture above he has my attention and is looking better all the time.


One Response to “Looking better all the time.”

  1. woah… how weird… must be something in the water indeed. I’m with you bro

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