SCC:Heavy Metal


So I will admit that last night the SCC was less than stellar. It had it’s moments but I think it was almost a filler episode. We see very little advancement in overall arc and major things that have happen in the series so far seemed a little brushed over. For instance I wasn’t satisfied with the broad brushing of the girl who killed herself in the previous episode. I was really hoping they would make more of that incident. Seeing John looking at her memorial page was nice but not convincing. It seems that that was closing the book on her.

It was good to see that Cromartie still needed to get reconstructive surgery. I would have had a really hard time believing that he was just going to heal up and look like a person after dipping himself into a skin bath. I think that whole sequence took to long though.

It was cool to see Sarah start acting like the Sarah we last saw in T2, but it was only for a moment and very mild. They should’ve kept that interrogation scene going for a little bit, giving us kids something we’ve been longing to see.
Seeing the factory where the Terminators will be made was really cool. It gave you that creepy feeling, as well as a “so that’s how they did it”. It added some much needed tension when John was locked in with the Terminator and forced to remove the key around it’s neck, in order to escape, however it was a little too easily accomplished in my opinion.

This episode had a lot of potential and touched on some really cool things, but just didn’t bring it all the way. Things were resolved a little too easily by the Conners and Cromarti didn’t really do a whole lot other than steal a guys identity. I really thought they would at least leave us with the cliff hanger of him finding or at least picking up a trail on John.

What did you guys think?

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2 Responses to “SCC:Heavy Metal”

  1. It was alright. I’m still enjoying it overall as a show.

  2. I was going to do a recap and instead I see you hacked into my brain and put my thoughts on your blog 🙂

    A hearty AMEN and I AGREE from me although, not that I ever left, I’m on back on like Donkey Kong for this series. Maybe it was the week off and hype and anticipation that built up this week’s episode so much in my brain and initially let me down but watching it again I felt entertained and liked it. As much as I can say “I liked it” by agreeing with everything you just said up there.

    I am hoping that with Cromarti’s new identity he’ll bring the badness! I was hoping we’d get that from Army Terminator but it was short lived.

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