I Gave In…I Now Twitter.


As if I needed one more thing to be addicted to. So many people are doing this. I had always thought, who on earth needs to know what I am doing at the exact time I am doing it? Then I realized that Twitter doesn’t have to be for all you guys out there. It can be for me. I can use it to keep track of what I do all day. The little things I forget. The IM feature makes it so easy too. So if you want to see what I am doing every other minute of the day, here is my link.


One Response to “I Gave In…I Now Twitter.”

  1. snowjunkie Says:

    12:10pm: Superman is doing a poo.
    12:15pm: Superman is cleaning his bottom.
    12:16pm: Superman is washing his hands.
    12:16pm: Superman dries hands on pants.

    Twitter is a waste of time! 😉

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