Has Your Cellphone Replaced Your Watch?

According to the San Diego Union Tribute, the sale of wrist watches has declined 25% between 2003 and 2005 because people started using their mobile phone as their time telling device of choice.

This is an interesting concept. I love watches. I have a Superman (surprise surprise) limited edition watch. My wife bought it for me a few years back and I can honestly say I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I actually use it too. It’s closer to me than my pocket where my cellphone resides. I will say that in order to get the exact time, I do look to my cell for the answer. Sometimes I don’t trust my watch, after all I am the one who set it. So if I am on my way to work, or a meeting or what have you, I always double check the cell. I guess it allows me to know exactly how much time I have, or how late I am.

What about you guys? Do you use the cell or the watch? Is the cell replacing the watch, or watches were out of style a long time ago and the cell has kept you from wondering or asking a stranger.


4 Responses to “Has Your Cellphone Replaced Your Watch?”

  1. I have a really cool brown watch that I wear when I get “dressy” but other than that I used to rotate out my Star Wars watches I got from Burger King. (HUGE DORK!) But, as you can imagine, they aren’t terribly reliable so yes: I use my phone as a watch now…and as a calendar…and as a dayminder…and as a twittering machine 🙂

  2. I didn’t add to the decline. I have never had watches. But yes I do use my cell phone as a watch instead asking people what time it is. And by people I mean Heather….LOL

  3. I like watches but I am always reaching into tight places getting my watch snagged. I stopped weariing watches because I use to work with electronics and magnitism which would through off the time and date. I have about 4 watches three don;t even work.
    I use my cell phone or ask someone for the time. Recently, I started leaving my cell phone in my truck while I work. Less distracting and replying to any voice mail after I am done with teh job at hand.

  4. snowjunkie Says:

    I haven’t wore a watch in years. I use my cell.

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