Warner Brothers Pays Tribute


It was unknown how Warner Brothers were going to approach the marketing of The Dark Knight, now that one of their stars has fallen so tragically. It seems the answer is, with class. The Dark Knight official site has been taken down and the above images has replaced it. This was a very sensitive move on the WB’s part. Heath Ledger was a person first. The actor came further down the line behind father, son, brother, and friend. The man viral site why so serious has also paid homage to Ledger, placing a black ribbon on the Joker’s ransom note.


it’s uncertain what other effects this will have on the film, but it is certain this is a step in the right direction. Well done guys.


2 Responses to “Warner Brothers Pays Tribute”

  1. Ah there is clean air to breath. I’ve been seeing all the hubub the Westboro Baptist freaks have been creating that’s simply disgusting to the point of sickness. It’s embarrassing when a movie company stands out over a church. I am glad WB has stepped up.

  2. i think jack Nicholson killed heath ledger

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