Heath Ledger Aftershock


As you can see my Dark Knight posts have attracted some attention. To give you an idea of how much; on average I get around 300 or so hits a day. That number has been growing every month. Today I came in to work and I had already received over 1000 with my Dark Knight post banking around 800. It seems that the tragic death has fueled the public interest in the movie.

It kinda makes you wonder if in the back of the studio execs. minds, they’re licking their chops for the July 18th release. Although it has been reported that this could hurt the movies marketing campaign. Keep in mind that this sort of thing hasn’t happened since Brandon Lee’s untimely death in the movie The Crow. It will be interesting to see how the movie and it’s advertising are approached, as well as the Joker’s viral marketing campaign. I am sure there is much to consider.

However it turns out, it is still mind blowing to think about what has happen.


2 Responses to “Heath Ledger Aftershock”

  1. Thats a lot of people. I love it when I have days like that.

  2. uh wow…man your traffic has increased…even without that…thats killer…great new look by the way

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