Heath Ledger Found Dead

As most of you know I have been following The Dark Knight pretty close for almost a year. In fact I just read an article about the comparison between Heath’s Dark Knight Joker and Jack’s. This film was going to be the actor’s best performance to date.

I usually don’t get to wrapped up on actors and their real life happenings. This one bothered me. I guess in a way I feel really selfish. I was looking forward to seeing many more movies with Heath’s adaptation of the Clown Prince Of Crime. Now that isn’t possible. I am so bummed out!

It is unclear at this time as to the cause of death. He was found at 2:27pm in his Manhattan apartment by his house keeper.

He was 28.


2 Responses to “Heath Ledger Found Dead”

  1. I was just coming over to your blog to see if you had this information.


  2. This is sad. I was also looking forward to a new chapter(s) in the character that is The Joker, but only one chapter was written.

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