So Jason, What Do You Think Of The MacBook Air?

Does that answer your question?

h/t: Nick Fiedler


5 Responses to “So Jason, What Do You Think Of The MacBook Air?”

  1. OH GOD! It takes a lot to make me bust out laughing OUT LOUD! But why the hell not?! That video was hysterical!

  2. Perfect. I love it.

    I want a bumper sticker that says ” My Macbook Pro can crush your Mac Book Air… Sissy”.

  3. I had this big dissection with someone yesterday at the (Apple) store. The problem is price point. They are just too much money with not enough perks. You can get a MacBook that has a faster processor an optical drive, twice the amount of ram, twice the hard drive space, 2 USB ports, Firewire, and mini DVI output, for 200 less!

    If Apple was going to make a strip down streamline laptop, make it a strip down streamline price! At $600 they couldn’t keep these things in stock. Apple was so wrap up in wonder if they could produce this laptop without ever thinking whether or not they should.

    Apple is slowly diriving their technology based on gimics. OOOO this is so small, this is so light this is so EXSPENSIVE!
    The MacBookAir is way ahead of it’s time, in a bad way. People aren’t ready to let their CDs and DVDs go yet. Not everyone gets everything from the iTunes store Steve!

  4. Let them eat air!

  5. Well at least when the Mac Book Air breaks you can send it back in an envelope. Less shipping cost. How’s that for perks?

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