I have 100 RSS feeds in my reader. I would say a good 75 of them are blogs written at an amature level, meaning they don’t get paid by someone to write them. In a given week I probably comment on one of them. This has gone on far too long. You all have lots of great observations worth discussing, and it’s time I weigh in. My apologies to all who, have put up quality content and it rendered no discussion/comment from me. I plan to right the ship.

This also goes for all of you. You know who you are. Everyday you sit and read our blogs, forming your own ideas and opinions but never put them out there. This is a pretty friendly environment. Come jump in. Discuss…discuss.


3 Responses to “Spectating”

  1. To my brother, YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR. I can’t believe you would put those pictures on your BLOG! YOUR GONNA SCARE SOME LITTLE KID.I still had to laugh even though you need to put adult content on that thing.I do have to say I enjoy reading them everyday. Great JOB! You have A GREAT DAY !!!!!!!! Love ya DEE

  2. You called us out. Nice. Anyway, like the new look of the blog.

  3. It’s one of those look but don’t touch things! I will start touching more!

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