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I’ve been mulling this one over for a while now. I try not to make things this heavy on this blog but some things are just worth discussing.

The Zeitgeist is a free movie that you can watch online here. This link comes with a disclaimer however. You need about 2 hours of free time to watch it, and also you are going to feel like crap when it’s done. I in no way support the ideas discussed in this movie but it will definitely generate some discussion. To be honest I only made it about 20 minutes in. I do plan to watch the whole thing though.

To sum up the movie, it’s the history of the world (in this person’s opinion and estimation) and where it is headed. Again I want to urge caution to you that this will leave your brain feeling like it has been scrambled. The best thing to do is chalk this up to a great imagination owned by a radical conspiracy theorist.


6 Responses to “The Zeitgeist”

  1. Okay so I invested the 2 hours to watch it. To be honest, they lost me at hello. That being said, if you removed the part 1 (of 3) it does make for interesting conversation. Part 2 is about the 9/11 conspiracy which has been out on Youtube for awhile now. They actually used some of their footage from that flick. Part 3 is the one that was downright chilling. As you said, I don’t support their claims or even think I believe half of it. But (spoiler alert) the deal with the chips and the one world economy is some freaky stuff. It’s scriptural which makes it even more strange.

    I take away from it that, assuming the things they say at the end of part 3 are true our children are in for a crazy world. The one world economy and the chips make the mark of the beast a reality as well. Imagine not being able to purchase anything without accepting that chip. Crazy stuff.

  2. Thanks for participating Aaron. I appreciate it.

    Part 1 sucked. Non of those ideas are new. That “New Age” philosophy has been around for decades. They’re really just rehashing other people’s ideas. My one question to all that is, then what is the point of life? He we all just happen and there is no God then there is no right and wrong. There is no morality. Sure, don’t kill someone or you’ll go to jail, but what about honesty? Lust? Homosexuality? Those things are not crimes, but yet they are deemed as immoral? Why? If there is no sin, what’s wrong with doing these things as long as you’re not breaking the law? Could you imagine a society that fully embraced that theology? We would live in chaos. I know most people of the world’s population aren’t Christians, but they do believe there is a God and the believe in some moral code established by God. Take that away and the world is in a even darker place.

    Part 2 was just as depressing. If our government is really responsible for all that, then we have like you said, a sad and dark future a head of us. As a man thinking about having kids in the near future it makes you wonder if it’s worth it. Do I really want to have a kid and have them live in this world?

    However, they make a strong case. I have always wondered about the lack of evidence released after 9/11. Where did the plane go after it hit the Pentagon? Where is the wreckage from flight 93? However, one thing remains, there were people on those planes, if there were no planes. who died on Flight 93 and the plane that hit the pentagon. They didn’t all die in the planes that hit the towers.

    Part 3 is just as nuts. I’ve always said that the national debit is just a made up concept. It’s like saying a Trillion Dollars? It only exits on paper. It’s so much money is just becomes impossible to manage or to matter. It will never get paid off so therefore it’s almost as if that money disappears into thin air.

    Lots of questions, and that’s why video’s like that work, because you can’t question their mountain of facts that throw at you.

    Anyway, thanks for checking it out, and for your input.

  3. I plan on watching this once I get the 120 minutes available.

  4. i have it on dvd if you wanna borrow it, I haven’t watched it yet…

  5. There’s a DVD? Hmm.

  6. to superman. about part 1… your missing the point! its saying morality is inherent and doesnt need to be sold back to us like a double cheeze burger at mcdonalds. we already have morals so religion cant give us this!! america is like all european colonies is a little bit behind on the old religions front. europe is probably 95% atheist right now despite what the registers say (that registers that you cant be removed from). note the nordic countries are the most peaceful and athiest on out planet. were as african nations are deeply religious and violent.

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