Photo Book

photobook.pngThe App. of the day is something every Facebook user should have, that is if you own a Mac. As most of you “Face” users probably already know, photos are sometimes hard to navigate through. Other times is would be faster if you didn’t have to log in, find your friend to check out their latest activities. For you stalkers out there, Photo Book will make it less obvious, that you are checking up on an old flame, when you can quickly flip to your cousin’s bar mitzvah if someone is peaking over your shoulder.

Photo Book is set up a lot like iPhoto. You sign into the main screen when you open the application (no need to sign in using a browser) and all your friends photo albums show up as thumbnails like iPhoto. Simply click on the album you want to check out and you are golden. You can even switch to other friends without going to their page. Photo Book even has a search bar and a button to automatically add photo’s to your iPhoto library. This app does it all.

h/t: Lifehacker


One Response to “Photo Book”

  1. Photo Book– create your own custom photo book at – it’s easy and the results are truly professional with the print quality andf the binding – you can use this software to create wedding books, baby books, photo books, and portfolio books.

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