The Truth Be Told



Well this day could not have been more glorious. Finally the Cherry Chocolate Rain is Mine! HUGE UPS to T3 (the camera man) for scouting this sucker and making the grab. Without his kean shopping sense this would not have been possible. You will forever be in my heart sir. You came through in a big way.

First I would like to apologize to Dr. Pepper. I am sorry that I said you lied. I knew you would never do that to me. However I do still think you dropped the ball in the customer service department.

And now the taste test. I will say this…it’s definitely chocolate. I do think the diet hurts is what hurts the cause, for it is also quite present. Overall not bad, however I wouldn’t seek this out over the O-G riginal. I give it a 3 out of 5 slurps. I am still super pumped I got to try it though. Cheers!


7 Responses to “The Truth Be Told”

  1. One word… bleck.

  2. monster7of9 Says:

    I love having chocolate coke at Johnny Rockets or make one at home. In both cases, I’t’s been quite a while and with this news, I hope this makes its ways down to Miami.

  3. Anytime, my brother from another mother! I too had wondered about the Diet part.

    By the way your new look is flippin sweet!

  4. Oh and thanks for the props!

  5. snowjunkie Says:

    Cool….can’t wait to try it.

  6. Hey bro,
    Firstly, I haven’t been to your site in a while, RSS’ing and all.. I really like the layout, good job.

    Secondly, nice sweater…We are very pro argyle here in Phoenix. You must like golf.

    Thirdly, Two words, Crystal Pepsi.

  7. i nominate Chocolate rain as the #1 most likely song to get stuck in a person’s head

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