Whatta You Looin’ At?


I’ve been blogging on wordpress for 1 year and some change now. It was something really hard to get into for some reason but since then I have learned to make it as natural as breathing. I can’t thank you all enough for all the comments. I really appreciate all the love.

To sum up the year that was in blogging, here is a list of what you guys looked at the most.


4 Responses to “Whatta You Looin’ At?”

  1. How do you get it to show you the top posts for a whole year? I can only see the past 30 days.

  2. Change the number in your URL after clicking on that link.

  3. like mud says….change the 30 at the end of the URL to 365.

  4. Haha that’s hilarious!
    The Dark Knight, The Green Lantern, and Chuck Norris taking the top 3 spots! Although if ole’ Chuck finds out he might have to turn things around a bit 🙂

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