A Day In The Life

To answer a self-pondered question of, what do I do all day? I’ve decided to jot it down for you all to see. I’m sure it will paint a clearer picture for myself as to what it is that I actually do.

Yesterday started as any other. 7:15…Who am I kidding? 7:45 PM. Audioslave on my CD/Alarm clock, wakes me from my deep slumber. I hit the TV and turn on sports center. I pat the sleepy Bulldog, and hit the bathroom.

It’s Monday. Time to start the work clothes cycle all over again. I choose cargos. I like to be comfy to start off the week, that and I’m really tired and don’t feel like looking for anything else.

I hit the road shortly after the Top Ten plays, and begin my 35 Minute commute to Clinton, where I work.

The day starts as any other. Log into my Mac G5, and head straight to the coffee maker. I return to my desk and go through my routine of checking email, myspace, blog stats, and my RSS reader. I sign in to Adium and say good morning to the wife.

I start on getting the rest of the Edensoy ads out to the 30-some distributors, each one with their own “special needs”.

I get some more ads done, as well as take care of some of the mountain of paper work on my desk. Lunch comes and Russ and I hit Wendy’s where I try the new Jalapeño Burger and it’s back to Russ’ for some Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. We get a little more than half-way through it and we return to work.

At three we take the 3:00 walk to the gas station. I have money but after the Wendy’s Biggy drink, my thirst has been quenched.

5:30PM comes with a quickness. I got all the work done I needed to take care of and got some wicked new music to round out the good work day.

Make the trip home, which seems to take forever. Get home, feed the dog and take her out. Eat a bowl of Peanut Butter Crunch, change and head to the GYM to change the battery in Becca’s ride.

I think I have all the tools I need…that’s what I get for thinking. I need ratchets. Crap. Dad’s is too far and not sure Micky my father ‘n law will have what I need. So I call my buddy Chuck. He generously gives me his garage code and tells me to help myself. I head to Chucks and by this time it’s 7:45PM. I want to watch the BCS game at 8:30. I better hurry. Get to Chucks and get what I need and head back to the GYM to finish up. Get the brace thing that holds the battery down off, but can get to the nuts on the posts. I need a wrench. I don’t have a wrench. Back to Chucks. Looks like I am not going to watch the start of the game. 8:30PM finally get the battery out of the Bec’s car.

I jump in my car to head to Murry’s. $85 bucks later I’m back in the car with a new battery and a new battery for Bec’s unlock phob thing.

9:30 get the battery in. Thank God.

Get home and turn the game on. It’s turning into a blow-out, I lose interest and start doing the dishes. I jot down notes for the new project I’m working on, on a piece of paper in between pans.

Becca comes home around 10:15PM. We try and catch up while folding some laundry that I had no time to get to. I go upstairs and Talk to Derek on IM for a little bit and continue to work til around 12:00 AM.

I finally call it a night. I pop in the first season of Alias and blackout around 1:00am. I wake up around 3 and turn the TV off and go back to sleep.


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