Looking Forward

I’ve been off for far too long. I can always tell because I feel really overwhelmed to get back into my regular routine. The simplest things seem so hard to do.

At any rate I am back and there are a lot of new things brewing for 2008. 2007 went by in a flash, but yet there is so much to look back on. Too much to even list at this point. I don’t usually make resolutions and I’m really not going to start. However there are things I want to continue to grow in. So looking at the new year I am slowly but surly gathering goals and ideas so that this year can be better than last year, on all levels. Here are a few things I’ve been thinking about for the upcoming year.


-Cherishing and developing my marriage

-Debt Free

-Reading with a purpose

-Writing Music

-Polishing the stone that is my guitar playing

-A Gibson Les Paul

-Better Blogging





-Polishing my Design Craft.

-Attention To Detail

There are a lot more, but these spring to mind. Also be on the lookout for some exciting news. Also the blog may be getting a face lift in 2008! Stay tuned.


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