The Dark Knight Prologue

Watch it while you can kids. Big thanks to my friend Jack who knows how much I would love this!


So yeah as predicted the prologue was taken down by YouTube per Warner Bros. There’s a shocker. For those of you that want the low down we can discus what it was all about in the comments. Chris Nolan said he was inspired by the movie Heat when making this. You can tell BIG TIME. This, however doesn’t take away from the very compelling 7 minute episode that gives you a tid-bit of Ledger’s Joker. I could talk for days how well done this little prologue was executed. It really sets the table for The Dark Knight.


The prologue is still up here. Watch it while you can. Special thanks to Cadmus labs.


4 Responses to “The Dark Knight Prologue”

  1. Wow.. i’m glad you got to see it before they took it down. I wonder how long it was up?

  2. I put it up right after you sent me the link. It was down before I went to lunch. Luckily I have a file copy of it so I can watch it as many times as I want! Thanks again Jack!

  3. OH sweet Lord that was amazing! Just amazing!

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