ical.pngAs I get older and fill my plate with more and more things, I am finding, much to my wife’s dismay, that it’s harder for me to remember everything that is going on. There are so many ways to get organized as well as things you can do to remember things. Everyone has their methods and it’s better to do what’s easiest for you than to try and form a new habit. Technology is what I know, so technology is what I will use.

I’ve been hot on the trail of an iPhone ever since I started working for that fruit company I mentioned. Last night sealed the deal. A friend of mine got a new iPhone because their first one was damaged. It was fresh out of the box and she didn’t have time to mess with it so I did. They are so stinking awesome it makes me sick. Really, they are one of the best pieces of technology ever to be created in my lifetime. Anyway, so I am currently developing a system using iCal and the iPhone to rid myself of a cluttered brain and a bad habit of forgetting things.

No system is perfect so I am curious, what do you guys do to stay organized?


6 Responses to “Organization”

  1. I like lists, but I’m only good w/ them for 48 hours max.

    I’ve tried so many things, including planners, to no avail. I’ve found the best thing for me is a combination of my brain and my wife. With much more emphasis on the wife.

  2. I use a complex system of word-picture memory mnemonics… I can quickly compile a list of “to-do” items that span out for a couple of months in mind. It’s a like a calendar that requires about 2GB of RAM but looks really cool… unfortunately my brain is currently maxed out at 32MB of RAM… so, I remember nothing. However, I have a wife that writes things down… that works too. ;^)

  3. pastorhawkins Says:

    Jason, you should come to my class, You Are What You Speak. Your brain is exponentially more powerful than 100 iphones/planners/etc.!!! Yet, the brain is more like a muscle….if you don’t use it…you loose it! It’s not a matter of using it too much that plagues people…it is a matter of not using it enough! Give the brain of yours a good workout! Speak what you want. Speak blessing and not cursing! You can do it!! More later….

  4. I fart a lot, clears the brain, and allows better flow of ideas…

  5. To the above poster… this was our company’s “Thought of the Day” last week:

    Never hold your farts in.
    They travel up your spine, into your brain,
    And that is where shitty ideas come from!!!

  6. Blackberry All the Way. I’ve been using mine since this summer when I picked up the 8830. Granted, the web browsing experience isn’t up with iphone (it’s a very nice browser on a phone), I’m not quite ready to make the jump to AT&T or the iphone.

    I love my push email, sending out calendar invites to my wife and friends, syncing my newly created Family Calendar (so my wife and I know what we each have individually going on) and tasks with reminders. Also, cut and paste. I tried using the iphone but it didn’t have cut and paste! AND the delete button on the bottom right hand side is very annoying.

    But yeah, I use my Blackberry, and I set up iCal reminders for paying the bills.

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