For Me Ma’

Today is a special day. No not Pearl Harbor Day, although it is. Today is my Ma’s birthday! I know I should have some type of embarrassing picture of her up here but I know what’s good for me!

My Mom is an amazing person, and you all know how I hate that word. Those of you who know her, know what I am talking about. Selfless to a fault, and funny as all get out. She has taught me so much, just by example. Without the love and guidance from her and my Dad it’s hard telling how I would’ve turned out. You’re the best Ma!



2 Responses to “For Me Ma’”

  1. Happy Birthday!! Spank your son for your birthday, would ya?

  2. pastorhawkins Says:

    Your mom is an amazing person. I have been inspired by not only her brilliant wit (seems to be a family trait) but even more so by her deep, committed and active faith in God and His Son Jesus. Your mom and dad are a couple of the most dear people I know in the whole world. It is no wonder they have such wonderful, special children! The apple never falls to far from the tree. Happy Birthday Karen!

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