No Smoking

nosmoking.jpgYesterday there was an interesting piece of legislation passed. The House passed a new law stating that people will no longer be able to smoke in bars and restaurants. Granholm still needs to sign off on this law, but it’s likely not going to fly with the Senate with the majority of it’s members opposing the ban on smoking.

This couldn’t have come up at a more convenient time, since Russ and I just finished the mocumtory Thank You For Smoking. I say all that to ask this? Is this right? I am not a smoker and am not a big fan of the idea. I don’t particularly enjoy being around secondhand smoke either. However, is it right for the powers that be in Michigan to tell establishments what they can allow in their businesses? Michigan is in a rapid economic decline and I’m not sure passing a law that will make Michiganders think twice about going out and spending money, is such a good idea. Especially in our climate.   I think it should be left up to those bars and restaurants weather or not they want to enforce this law.  Don’t mistake my position on smoking. I still don’t think people and businesses should cater to those with this habit, I’m simply saying that this particular legislation could hurt businesses in Michigan not to mention the fact that the government should let people run their restaurants and bars the way they want and the government should just shut up and collect their taxes.  Smokers. Non-Smokers So what do you think?


9 Responses to “No Smoking”

  1. I have a hard time being biased with this question. I loathe smoking and would be more than giddy if it were banned from existence.

    Except of course cigars and pipes.

    But even those would bug me unless I was intending to join in myself.

  2. That law has passed in Houston and we love it! It’s great to go to a bar/restaurant and not smell like smoke.

  3. Again I am thinking in terms of businesses in Michigan. Yeah it is nice not to have to deal with the smoke, at the same time Michigan has one of the highest population of smokers in the country at 21%. If they can’t smoke, they are more likely to stay home.

  4. Joe Camel Says:

    The only fair way to deal with the creeps who don’t want to smell like smoke is proper air cleaning, which removes smoke and all other contaminants.

    It’s outrageous that addicted smokers have to do without because some —– doesn’t like to smell it. If crooked politicians allow this to become an issue,
    smokers should defy the ban when they can and stay home when they can’t.

  5. This was passed in Columubus, OH and it has not affected business that much. There was a huge tiff when it passed, but all is well now. The smokers still go out and spend money in the bars and other local establishments. They are just outside smoking now and that is fine with me.

  6. Jason,

    You nailed it buddy. Read what everybody is doing in the response here.

    “I’m for it because I don’t like smoking” or “Hey the best way to figure it out is clean the air”.

    They like most are missing the point you and I have made. The point being is that this issue shouldn’t be a ME thing, it is a business thing. Whether you are for smoking resteraunts or not the issue should still fall to the person who OWNS the business. It is very arrogant to believe that I should have a right in how a person runs his or her business. Not to mention the government trying to do so. We get lost in this ME mentality and that is why our country is so polarized. WE have lost our sense of US. The attitude on this like many issues, is how does it effect ME. While that is somewhat of a reason to look at things, it isn’t for everything such as this subject we have here. Wake up people, quit making this about you and remember somebody, somewhere put a lot of hard work to make that business what it is, not to have us tell them how to run it!

  7. I didn’t miss the point personally. I said my opinion would be biased.

    But to approach the specific economic issue… I do believe people are still flying in airplanes these days.

  8. Stephen Barth, Founder of, Challenges the Industry to Go Non-Smoking

    Please

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  9. Opinions are the problem. We all to often get lost in this “ME” parade and forget its not really about us. The FACT is, this is an issue of business rights not personal rights. A right the government should not infringe on. Regardless of how we personally feel about smoking. The business will make the right decision because when folks start opting for a less smokey enviroment they will adjust accordingly. Then you will really see the power of the consumer at work.

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