The Joker….FINALLY!



So there you have it. The Clown Prince of Crime in all his glory. The Dark Knight is shaping up to be a master piece. I can actually say I am glad there has been a slow burn with revealing the new Joker. I have to admit I was very skeptical and honestly disappointed when I heard that Broke back…I mean Heath Ledger was going to be the new Joker. However the slow reveal of his appearances made me appreciate him more over time. I really think this is a great approach to the character, but it’s success weighs heavily on Ledger’s performance. Can he make us believe he is the right man clown for the job? We’ll see. So now that it is finally out, what do you guys think of the new Joker?

h/t: Starkville’s House Of El


3 Responses to “The Joker….FINALLY!”

  1. Oh my! He sure is coming out to be a wicked new Joker! Yeah, this has been a great reveal! I’m pumped. I’m so pumped for this new one to be released! I LOVED Begins and with Christian Bale as the Dark Knight, this Joker, and the slew of castmen/women they have on I’m really excited about this release as well!

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  3. This Joker rocks, but let’s see if Heath can pull him off. I am also ready for this one, it seems to be shaping up well right now.

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