Mark Tremonti

So Jason, how awesome is your boy Mark Tremonti?

About that awesome.


14 Responses to “Mark Tremonti”

  1. wowoweewow

  2. Awesome!

  3. Dude this is hilarious! A Mitsubishi from Michigan and I tag teamed I55 today (we were trying to get back in time for kickoff, not sure his hurry) and I was thinking of my dear friends from the north!
    Then I see this video again confirming our separation from birth!
    I may have to repost it dude, my guitar player and I were just talking about Tremonti after I gave him a few tracks from blackbird, he needs to see this.

  4. I’m glad to see he finally got the thing I taught him right! He was a having a real hard time with the hammer-ons! LOL

  5. Sounds very similar to a little thing that Eddie Van Halen did back in 1982 called “Intruder” from the Diver Down CD (album?). Good stuff

  6. you basically just said Dieon Sanders was a great baseball player ’cause they clocked him as the fastest player ever from home to third on a triple…

  7. Not even close. I never mentioned anything about his speed in this post. That’s something you are assuming based on your opinion after watching the video. Although speed has a lot to do with being a great guitar player, it’s not the only thing that makes Mark awesome.

  8. speed is only worth while when used in proper context. YouTube Mark Tremonti and all you get is all these “solos” that are just like this one. Really fast with great technique, sure, but give me some context. and for the record, i suck at lead guitar, and i can see he’s talented, i just think you guys overrate him a bit.

    And Mark used to play with Scott Stapp… who’s like the biggest tool in the shed.

  9. Two things about your last comment tell me everything I need to know.

    1. “…and for the record, i suck at lead guitar, and I can see he is talented..”
    2. Judging a guitar player’s ability based on how much you like the lead singer.

    Boy you must think Eddie Van Halen really sucks then!

    Saying someone is talented, really fast, and has great technique but yet overrated, is like saying Tom Brady is overrated for throwing 41 TD passes this year and being 12-0

    Dude trust me he is very good. I’ve seen him life like 4 times. Listen to Alterbridge’s new cd and that will give you all the context you need.

  10. dang, should we take this offline… like maybe out back behind the shed?!? … i know your weakness friend! They’ve made movies about it! You don’t even want to tango!

    Lets stick with your QB analagy, but we’ll have to go after someone who is truly overrated… Favre holds like 7 billion records and I can show you reasons he’s overrated pretty easily. People are suddenly forgetting Favre lost just as many (if not more) games with his arm than he won… case in point last thursday… BUT…

    Being overrated doesn’t mean that you don’t have talent, it means you dont quite live up to the hype that your blogging fans build you up to… and me sucking at something doesn’t mean I can’t judge talent. I seriously hope I don’t have to expand on that… surely there is something that you enjoy as a form of entertainment but aren’t too skilled at it yourself… you can easily see that judging something doesn’t always mean having the skill set yourself.

    And just for kicks, i’d like to point out that often people end comments and posts with a one liner that really has nothing to do with their argument. It’s a tongue-in-cheek quip to divert the attention from the seriousness. My last quip was more a knock on Scott than Mark… Don’t read too much into it…

    and finally… (pause for dramatic effect)

    I really don’t have a problem with Mark at all, i’m just trying to get under superman’s skin…

  11. Well mission freakin’ accomplished! Just kidding man. It’s all in good fun. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and really that’s all this is regardless of what side you’re on.

    I appreciate you humoring me in this little back n’ forth. I hope I didn’t come off to harsh. Like I said it’s all in good fun.

    Take care buddy and thanks for commenting.

  12. I feel like the kid running into the school yard where two guys are pushing and shoving one another:
    “Jaybrams is a bid dummie! and Superman has bad hair!”
    Hahaha maybe that will kick start things a bit 🙂

    No, I’m kidding. In all seriousness, I too fall in line with Jason here. I think I even called Alter Bridge “godlike” in a review and much of that has to do with Mark’s playing. Personally, one of the reasons I love this guy so much is that you can see here that he has this wild ability to do all this wicked finger aggression (funny with the Van Halen comment because when I showed my guitarist and he said the same thing) and yet on the CDs it’s palatable. Seeing that he can play like that and then not litter every song with it to me is talented. I don’t know football so I can’t compare it to anyone 😦
    I think these little YouTube videos are for us guitarheads who are amazed that a big huge man like this can move his fingers that fast and wish we could do that and the CDs show how that talent can be focused into creating something complicated and yet pleasing to listen to at the same time. Besides the fact that I love his tone and ability to write and what he’s simply done with the band Alter Bridge!

    My .02 cents. And if you didn’t get it, I don’t think Jaybrams is a dummie and I don’t think Jason’s hair is bad 🙂 I do however think Scott Stapp is a dummie and I don’t remember liking his hair!

  13. Commenting so I can actually watch the video later. I wasn’t a big fan of the band (rather I grew tired I guess) of his previous band… Creed and the new band what I heard of it, sounded similar to me so I didn’t give them much of a listen.

    They’re from the town I grew up in, which isn’t tiny, but it isn’t huge, so they probably got extended air play here. My wife loves Creed though but she’s from Texas. 😉

  14. That was pretty neat. I’d like to hear it without the distortion though.

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