Heroes Season 1

heroeseclipse.jpgSo I am really late with this one I know. It is very rare that I get into something on the ground floor. I think mainly because I don’t watch a lot of TV unless there is something I really like. So most of the time I get into something upon someones recommendation.

Heroes is no different. I watched the first two episodes of the first season when they aired last year but somehow got out of it. Everyone I talked to who’s opinion I trust loved the first season. So this season I vowed to buy the first season on DVD, while watching the second season so that I didn’t fall behind. The second season is awesome so far so I was really pumped when I got the first season for my birthday.  I spent the last 3 days watching season one and I am so hooked. I have about 8 episodes left and I find myself really wanting to watch the first episodes of season 2 again. I am hoping they will re-run them and I can save them to my DVR and watch them in order again. I know last weeks episode was the best so far and tonight’s promises to be better. I don’t know what it is but this show is so different from everything else on TV. The story and all of it’s characters are so dynamic, there really isn’t one person’s arc that is boring to watch. You find yourself caring about all of them, even Sylar, who is one of the best villains on TV.  This leads me again to my current soapbox, the writers strike. With the progression of new media in TV, the creators of our favorite shows are really getting the short end of the stick. I understand that we the viewers are the innocent bystanders of the strike, but in order for the writers being able to make a living doing what they do, things have to change. Otherwise, you might as well sell your TV.

Anyway, rant aside, who else is a Heroes fan?


5 Responses to “Heroes Season 1”

  1. I really enjoyed season one, after the first two episodes.. it was a slow starting show.

    But this second season is just terrible. Seriously. Terrible. In a bad way.

    The writing is contrived and elementary… Ethnic and cultural stereotypes are so thick that I am a little surprised that there hasn’t been more of an uproar… The just teeth-pulling experience that is the high school trist between Claire and creepy teenager pedo-guy… The new characters are as weak as wet paper…and the plot has not depth or substance like last year.

    Sorry for the rant, but I just had to be honest. I guess I am just incredibly disappointed in the show now, and I feel like it has been a waste of my time.

    BTW, did you know that the creator/head writer of the show has even apologized publicly for how bad the show is?


  2. Dave,

    I’ll admit that the second season started slow but as you said so did the first season. I haven’t really noticed any ethnic/cultural stereotypes either. I guess I wasn’t really looking for them to be honest. As far as Claire and West go that is over and done with for the most part, even Tim Kring said he doesn’t do love stories. I will say that I do not like Maya and Alejandro but I think it’s mainly because we have yet to see what their purpose is. Heroes has a really slow burn. It’s dynamic storytelling that’s not quick to the punchline. Yes I heard all about the apology from Tim Kring and I agree that there were some slow/low points in the first few episodes, but hang on Dave. Don’t lose hope. The next three episodes are going to be awesome. We’re getting into the meat of the story now.

    Thanks for posting you opinion. I loves these discussions.

    Oh also check out thetenthwonder.com and listen to their podcast,maybe it will make you like the show more.

  3. Ok, cool I’ll check out the podcast, thanks for pointing me to it.

    On a final note…not to continue to complain…but…something that has always bothered me is the level of conversation/dialogue in the show. It always feels like they are speaking in overtly obvious terms and cliches as to not lose anyone with where things are going. Perhaps that leads to the predictability of the show. I think this is a major reason why I can’t enjoy a show like Heroes in the same way I do “Lost” (apples to oranges in the grander scale I know). Lost has a level of rhythm and subtle nuance to it that draws me in with the words in the story, not just the actions…

    Anyway, I should probably be doing something more productive than this….

  4. oh yeah….heroes and lost…best shows on TV

  5. Agreed but at the same time with Heroes you get what you get. I am a Lost fan too but what have we gotten in that show? Just more questions with very few answers and weak ones to boot. Lost has painted itself in a corner with last seasons finale, moreover I am starting to care less and less what happens to them. Oh well, we may have to wait another year to find out if the strike keeps up.

    Hope the podcast renews the spark for Heroes

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