Michigan V.S. Ohio State

bigm.pngPass out the ammo because tomorrow we go to war. As a Michigander or even a Buckeye, you would have to live under a rock not to know that tomorrow is probably one of the biggest sporting events in the world. It is viewed as the biggest rivalry in sports and for good reason. I really doubt there are tow teams in the world that hate each other more. If you think of one let me know.

With OSU and Michigan both losing last week not to mention Michigan playing at home, this has certainly leveled the playing field just a bit. I still think OSU is going to win but I think it might be a game. Another factor in this game is that Loyd Carr is all but retired as head coach of Michigan, and if this game isn’t a win one for the gipper scenario I don’t know what is. Although one could argue that last year was one of those scenario’s with the passing of Bo and that didn’t work out so well. Anyway you slice it it’s going to be a great game. With the Big Ten Championship and the Rose Bowl on the line, the two teams have plenty to play for. I am so happy that I will actually be able to watch it. I am picturing myself in front of a big screen HDTV with a frosty beverage. What are your plans?


5 Responses to “Michigan V.S. Ohio State”

  1. pastorhawkins Says:

    Michigan will win this contest!

  2. Would you believe I have to go to a wedding? Only would someone from Cleveland set their wedding date on the day of “The Game”. And I’m a native Clevelander for goodness sake! Should be a good one. I’ll be hittin’ “refresh” on my cell the whole wedding ceremony.

  3. According to John Stewart, ” A buckeye is a gay acorn.” His words, not mine.

  4. I’m pulling for ya’ll! We’re going after the Rebels, an old rival but not hated!

  5. I spent game day as usual. Having a little bowl of chili, watching the Bucks win the game with a few of my Michigan friends.

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