The Nectar of the Gods

dd.jpgSo the Mud Puppy got me some Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee for my birthday, and he did this because A) he is a good friend and B) because he knows I like coffee. More importantly he knows that I like Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee! I do believe that Dunkin’ Donuts makes the best coffee in the good ol’ US of A! I am very particular about my coffee and how it’s made. I hate going to places Like McDonald’s or even the drive-thru at Tim Horton’s, or any coffee drive-thru for that matter. They never get my coffee the way I like it. At Dunkin’ Donuts I have never had a less than perfect cup of coffee. Every time I go there I am amazed at how good just a regular cup of coffee is. So anyway, I now have a 6oz bag of Medium Roast Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to enjoy thanks to the Mud puppy. I’ve talked it over with Becca and the Bolton’s will never buy another bag of coffee that isn’t Dunkin’ Donuts! If you’re wondering, “where can I get this great coffee you speak of?” You can find it at Target and Wal-Mart. Pick some up today, you won’t be disappointed.


4 Responses to “The Nectar of the Gods”

  1. I still haven’t had any of that yet… you brewin’ today?

  2. I am a big fan of dunkin donuts coffee, too. But I’ve never been able to reproduce the exact flavor at home….
    Maybe cuz I don’t buy dunkin donuts brand.

  3. YO! Dunkin’ Donuts coffee rocks the phat jam… too bad we barely have any locations in Columbus Ohio. I heard a rumor that the Dunkin’ D Mafia might be moving into C-Bus but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  4. COLUMBUS??? I was just about to throw you on my blogroll. Man, you think you know a guy.

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