Mud & Steel: Webisode 016

Two Beanie Babies were harmed in the making of this film.


4 Responses to “Mud & Steel: Webisode 016”

  1. McRibs! Did you all order McRibs??? We haven’t had those out on the West Coast in way too long! It is the best sandwich McAdees ever put out! The BBQ sauce…The onions…The Bread…. Please send me one!!!! Last time I had one I was visiting mama in MO – Good times!

    And something tells me you two should not have a grill that close to a house 😀

    Fun Video!

  2. Best episode yet! I think you should have spoken in broken English with your stache trimmed so. I also kept reminiscing about the Domino’s Oreo dessert pizza where the dudes’ beards keep growing each time the camera cuts to them.
    Great job guys.

  3. You guys had me rolling in stitches. Great episode.

  4. Probably the funniest one yet! I loved it! : )

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