Mud & Steel Episode: 15


4 Responses to “Mud & Steel Episode: 15”

  1. crap, Pluto is in the window, jumping up and down and stuff? Very funny.
    Carrie was pretty scary when I saw it the first time, although the “dirty pillows” comment by her mom made me laugh out loud.
    LOL save the nickels for the slots, ladies!

    Good to see you guys back.

    My favorite Halloween music is Mozart’s Fugue in D Minor.
    My favorite Halloween movie is Nightmare on Elm Street.
    My favorite Halloween candy is skittles
    My favorite Halloween episode of M&S so far.

  2. Never saw Carrie! I can’t handle scary movies. Brent, inWorship, LOVES them! If he really wants me to watch one with him he has to see it ahead of time then tell me when all the bad parts are coming so I can cover my eyes! It’s really pathetic!

    Fav. Halloween Music – Monster Mash!
    Fav. Halloween Movie – uuuhhh didn’t Charlie brown have one?
    Fav. Halloween candy – all of it!

  3. woo hoo finally!

  4. Out family’s Halloween traditions are…um… we don’t have any. We actually don’t do Halloween at my house. Although I am a Nightmare before Christmas fan.

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