Half Day *Update*

So as most of you know I had a half day yesterday. I figured I’d take the time to tell you how it went.

Went and washed the Stang. There was never a time I wish I had a camera was on this day. There were so many photo ops and I left the stupid thing at home. Never again! Anyway, the $1 wash in Clinton is crazy. I used the soap brush and it was spitting soap everywhere! When I was done scrubbing the Stang it looked like a giant pink wad of gum. It was insane. I was so pumped because I’m all like man this car is going to be so clean! Those of you who own a black car know how hard it is to have a clean car. So after I cleaned the gum off the car and drove it to Ann Arbor to meet my wife I got out to admire my work. Yeah, not so much. It was streaky and there were big spots that I missed. I guess it was hard to see what got scrubbed with the brush with all those suds. Oh well.

So I visit the wife in Cubeland. I had it all planned out. I was going to juxtapose my office with Becca’s and how different the environments are but again no camera. I will say this. It was a site to see. Cubicles as far as the eye could see. Phones ringing, people talking in their inside voices. It was crazy. I told her I would go nuts working there. I also got to see for the first time what exactly she does. I will say this I was so impressed I couldn’t contain myself. I hadn’t seen someone work a keyboard like that since Jerry Lee Lewis! It sounded like a hailstorm. She was filling in information in all these different windows while talking to customers and with no hesitation. It was insane. I was overwhelmed with the crazy talent. So needless to say I was and am super proud of her as well as impressed at what she can do.

After Becca’s little work demo, we met her mom for lunch outside at some picnic tables and had some Max and Erma’s. Good stuff there. It was nice to spend some time with family.

After that I headed home did a few things around the house. Hung out with the dog, and worked on a side project.

Then it was off to Apple to fill out some paper work. It was pretty crazy to see the inner workings of an Apple store. They were very well stocked! My eyes almost popped out of my head when they showed me an entire wall filled with ipods and iPhones. Crazy stuff. So I got to work on all my paper work. Have you ever tried to fill out a form from the government and someone tells you if you mess anything up you have to start all over again? Let’s just say I filled out that form like 3 times. It’s amazing how dependent you can get on a delete key.

So baring a few here and theres that was pretty much my half day. The rest of the time I watched Hero’s and MNF.

What did you guys do?


One Response to “Half Day *Update*”

  1. That’s great. Although what’s MNF??? I already regret choosing to get into 24 last season and not Hero’s.

    I pulled a Mr. Mom yesterday. Mondays are my ‘Saturdays.’ Its my day off. I went grocery shopping, washed clothes, did the dishes, and cleaned out the fridge! If it hadn’t rained on me I would have ridden my new toy to cut the grass 🙂 WOOHOO!

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