Leopard is coming…

leopard.pngSo us Apple freaks are 10 days away from probably one of the most significant changes to the beloved OSX. Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard will be released on October 26th. It will feature some improvements on old favorites, like the finder, the Dock, and a new iChat, as well as new gadgets to make life more enjoyable on a computer, such as Time Machine back-up. The one and only version of the new system is $129. A steal when you compare it to the many expensive versions of Vista.

You can pre-order Leopard at the Apple store, or you can wait for the first few version updates. Personally I can’t wait. It looks like I chose the perfect time to start working at Apple, I’ll get to play on Leopard all day long!


One Response to “Leopard is coming…”

  1. A steal when you consider how crappy Vista is as well. We had the unfortunate experience of buying a first gen Vista machine (mostly due to limited funds when our previous computer died). It has been the most painful computing experience of my life.

    I use OS X at work and love it. Our next computer will be a Mac for sure, assuming I can afford one when the time comes. Thus far we’ve been relegated to cheapo PCs.

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