The Weekend That Was

Had a great weekend.

Was called by Apple and am now a part-time Apple Specialist at the Apple store in Briarwood mall. Apple is really awesome and I am super pumped about this job. From the time I applied to the time they offered me a position was 1 week! This includes a Seminar and a Face-to-Face interview. So I got the Apple hook up now!

Also got together with my bros to play some hold’em. It was good to hang with them since I hadn’t in weeks. It was a good time.

Woke up and Becca and I went to breakfast with my parents at the Coney Island. I stopped by my favorite Coffee shop and got a Chocolate Raspberry coffee, the best in town. Breakfast with the parents was great. I wish I could do it everyday! After that it was off to The Apple Festival at Kapnick’s in Brittan. Crazy busy there but the BEST place to pick apple’s and enjoy the fall weather. We got a peck of apple’s for $5. Can’t beat that. Also got a bag of Honeycrisp apples which are the best apple’s in the world! As if that weren’t enough, we went to Value Village and I got my Halloween costume. I am going to be the Joker this year and I found everything I needed. I even found a purple trench coat just like the one in the Tim Burton movie. It’s gonna be sick. After that we went to WalMart and got face paint and a few groceries. Then it was off to BlockBuster to rent the original Carrie and FEAST. Becca and I had never seen Carrie and let me tell you this, it lived up to it’s hype! Great movie! Feast was another story.

Awesome set lined up by Chris. Probably one of the best Sunday lineups we’ve played. Awesome worship. I am so blessed to be a part of this team. After church it was time for football! I actually might win this week. Sorry Tommy. Sunday night Becca and I rented TMNT. Great movie. I loved it so much it got me jonesin’ for some more Turtle Power so I popped in the first movie from 1990. Ha I still remember going to see that with my dad as a kid. Great movie.

So that was it. Pretty nice weekend. What did you do?


5 Responses to “The Weekend That Was”

  1. Sunday felt like a Passion Conference!

    So when and where do I put my order in for a new ipod?

  2. I will let you know sir.

  3. Congrats! We’re getting a store down here in the Spring! Does Apple throw like major giveaways at those?!?! I’m looking to make my 1st MacBook purchase and wondering if I should hold off πŸ™‚

    So what’s the story of ‘FEAST’?!?!

  4. Yeah I think they do a big deal when a store opens, but one thing you’ll learn as a Apple lover is they never go “on sale” or “on special”. Their price point is what it is and that’s it. I do get friends and family discounts but not sure if you have to come to my store to get it. However I might be able to do you one better. I get a once a year discount on a computer system for like 25-30% off and I doubt I’ll be buying another computer in a year. As soon as I know the details I’ll let you know.

    FEAST was incredibly gory. Like crazy gory. It was really good but lots and lots of blood and violence. Watch at your own risk. I wanted to see it because it was the winner of Project greenlight.

  5. My man is totally gonna have to become friends with you. He wants an iPhone desperately! Do you take bribes?

    We threw our youngest down a hill, I MEAN… a surprise birthday party last night. He turned 11! That was fun!

    My man ran sound for one of the venues at our local Jazz Festival all weekend. He made me listen to some last night. So I made him help me pick out a new shade of lip gloss today πŸ˜‰

    That was my weekend…sorry you asked?!

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