Handy little Books

goodbook.jpgI just finished reading Rules of the Red Rubber Ball last night (a must read for anyone who needs inspiration) and it made me think of a book I read in college that really helped inspire me. It’s called It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be. Over the last few weeks I’ve been struggling to find goals and purpose in my life. Everyday you read about someone who accomplished something great. Something they worked hard for. It got me thinking about my own life and career. I’ve always been bummed that I have been good at a lot of different things but not great at any of them. In reading these books it has inspired me to focus on something. Anything, just so I have a goal because as it stands I really don’t have one. I am hoping I can focus and figure out what I want to do in life and where I want to go. In the mean time here are a few snipits from the book.

“Nearly all rich and powerful people are not notably talented, educated, charming, or good-looking. They became rich and powerful by wanting to be rich and powerful.”

“Why do we strive for excellence when mediocrity is required?”

There is little demand in the commercial world for excellence. There is a much, much bigger demand for mediocrity.

The truth is, I’m glad it’s this way. Imagine a world where all clients were wonderful, where we could produce whatever we felt like with no restrictions, with everybody having freedom to produce all their fantasies unfettered by tedious clients. What would we do? We would react against it, saying , “Isn’t this boring. How can we be dull? Let’s do it badly, let’s make it ugly, and let’s make it really cheaply.”

That’s the nature of the creative person. All creative people need something to rebel against, it’s what gives their lives excitment, and it’s creative people who make the clients’ lives exciting.


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