Foo Fighters, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace: Reviewed

foo.pngI’ve been Fighting Foo for a very long time now. When Nirvana ended tragically I needed solace, the Foo worked quite nicely. Since then they have been rockin hard…well until Disc 2 of In Your Honor. That being said it really speaks to the level of Talent that is Dave Grohl. To travel up the mountain of musical success is no small feet, but to do it twice is very admirable.

The Foo Fighters continue there success with the release of their 7th studio album, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace. I’m currently on my third run through the album and with each pass it becomes certain to me that it is close to their best offering yet! Everything seems renewed. The melodies are fresh and the guitar work is sick. Here is my song by song review.

The Pretender: Typical Foo goodness. Starts off very melodic, then emerges as a marching anthem comparable to In Your Honor, Times Like These, or even as classic as I’ll Stick Around. This starts the disc off nicely.

Let It Die: Showcases some great guitar skills and a dynamic approach to music. It has a folk appeal but as a typical M.O. of any good Foo Fighters song builds into something more. The guitars are so rich and the Bass drums does work! One of my favorites on the disk.

Erase / Replace: Very different from most of Foo music but has a familiar feel. The drum work on this song is so outstanding.

Long Road To Ruin: Great melody. All around great song. Another one of my favorites on the disc. It works nice transitions into an anthem feel once the song is midway through. One thing is for sure Dave can write the bridge of a song. He’s proved that so many times. This song also features a lost art to the Rock genera, THE SOLO. Dude what happen to the guitar solo in rock???? Anyway great song.

Come Alive: The great guitar work is back, not that it ever left, but paired with it, a great melody. More of a lighter ballad song but done the way the Foo do ballads.

Stranger Things Have Happened: Very Bluesy. I like it. I love the low whisper to the song. For some reason I see Dave just sitting alone in his room jamming on this song. Two slow ones back to back but I like ’em both.

Cheer Up Boys (Your Makeup Is Running): When I read this title I couldn’t wait to listen to it. I wasn’t disappointed. The song just starts right out jamming. It has a Big Me feel to it but that’s ok. Another one of my favorites on the disc.

Summer’s End: Back to the blues rock. Also a hint of country but enough that it doesn’t ruin the song. Not my favorite song on the disc but not a bad song at all. It feels like the Eagles to me.

The Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners: Some good ol’ fashion guitar work. Very folksy stuff but still just continues to showcase the Dave Grohl talent. I believe this song was inspired by/written for the miners that were trapped in the mine.

Statues: Piano on a Foo record??? Oh yes my friend, piano on a Foo record. I really like this song. I don’t know why but it is great. Another favorite.

But, Honestly: Some heavy acoustic work done on this record and this song is no exception. A really enjoyable song. Also another GUITAR SOLO! Whoo Hoo.

Home: What more piano???? Good stuff. This dude is so talented. It just oozes out on this record. Very moody song.

Once & For All: Again great song. A nice way to close out the record. I love the little riff in this song. Very catchy.

Well that’s it. If you made it all the way through this post congratulations. I wish I had a prize for ya. Overall this is such a great record from top to bottom. Lyrics, Guitars, Melody, all top notch. This is a must own for any Fan of the Foo. Also be sure to see Conner’s review too. He does work!


One Response to “Foo Fighters, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace: Reviewed”

  1. I love you Jason.
    I love this review šŸ™‚

    Dude how many times were you stunned with surprise and then totally excited that this was a Foo Fighters CD?!?!? HAHA

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