The Enemy Of My Enemy…

indians.jpgis about the only way I can sum up this next series between Cleveland and Boston. Put another feather in there headband, the Indians did what deep down I couldn’t admit to. Being a Yankees fan it comes with the territory. The season is just too long it seems. Every year they make the playoffs only to fall asleep at the wheel. This however is not to take away from the Indians. I was astonished at how poised they were in this series. They were like a pit-bull, once they latched on they never let go. So we’ll see what happens when they go to Boston if that killer instinct can see them through. One thing is for sure, I am a Cleveland fan now…well at least through October anyway. Here’s hoping for a Rockies-Indians World Series!


6 Responses to “The Enemy Of My Enemy…”


  2. You’re on the wrong side of a losing battle there, brother.

    This is going to be quick and painless… Unless the Nation decides otherwise.

  3. We’ll talk after game 1 sir. You can’t script October!

  4. Reminds me of a sign I saw at the Jake last Friday. It is a takeoff of the Mastercard “priceless” campaign…

    Alex Rodriguez, $25 Million
    Derek Jeter, $20 Million
    Hideki Matsui $13 Million
    Jorge Posada, $12 Million

    0 for 14 in game one…..PRICELESS

  5. Don’t let my wife know that you’re backing the Indians. You’ll never hear the end of it.


  6. Ha, oh I will and she’ll like it! Jim and I will make sure of it. GO TRIBE!!!!!

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