Lifehouse ***LIVE***


So Russ and I saddled up Saturday night and headed out to Fort Wayne, Indiana to see us some Lifehouse. It was a nice little 2 hours drive capped off by my first experience at Sonic! Awesome food. That in itself was worth the drive.

So we arrive at Piere’s, and like Russ said this place was huge and there were more bars than I could count. It was crazy. We were able to get awesome spots near the stage. Oh how I love general admission. HoneyHoney was the opening act and you can read more about them on Russ’ post.

Lifehouse came on in dramatic fashion. The Lights were off, the fog machine was rollin’, there was that really really unnecessarily long delay before the band came on stage. Excitement was in the air. Lifehouse took the stage and started the show off with Make Me Over. Did not expect that one. It was really good though. One thing that stands apart from Lifehouse’s performance is how tight the music was. Jason Wade’s voice was perfect and the band didn’t shy away from just jamming on a song for 5 minutes. There were several extended bridges and intros during their 2 hour set. It was a jammed packed set too. These guys were all business, rattled off tune after tune with little chit chat in between. I’m not a huge fan of the talky talky when I go to concerts but a little interaction is nice. One thing I did notice is how many times Jason Wade changed guitars. It was insane. The funny thing is they were all the same guitar just different colors! The only thing he used other than his Gibson ES Semi Hollow Body’s was a Gibson Acoustic from their bird series, not sure which one. He used it for You and Me and that was it.

As far as material they covered a good portion of their 4 album catalog. My one regret is I didn’t bring anything to write down what songs they did. Here is a short list of what I remember.

No Name Face

Hanging by a moment (So great LIVE)

Somebody Else’s Song

Simon (Gave me Chills)

Stanley Climbfall


Just Another Name (I think)

Spin (Awesome stuff)

Lifehouse (Yellow CD)

You and Me

Better Luck Next Time

Into The Sun

Who We Are


First Time

Whatever It Takes

Broken (The Chills came back)

The Joke

Easier To Be

Make Me Over


Joshua ?

Beast Of Burden (Rolling Stones) I like this version better than the Stones do it!

So I am sure there were more songs but I don’t remember them. I was a little bummed they didn’t do a few songs, like WHO WE ARE! I mean come on it’s the title of the new record! Anyway, they were really great though. Probably one of the best sounding live bands I’ve seen. Jason Wades voice was perfect. You could tell by his expressions he was singing his guts out.

Overall it was a great show. I am more than excited I get to cross them off the list of bands I need to see before I die. I will have video up as soon as I can. Check back for updates.



Whatever It Takes

You and Me

Make Me Over


6 Responses to “Lifehouse ***LIVE***”

  1. It’s a shame those crazy girls robbed those setlists right from under you!

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the rabid fans. I was sandwiched between a jolly green giant of a woman that made me scared for the lead singers life, and what I think is a dude who couldn’t control himself all night … including blowing a kiss to the band.

    That concert was awesome!

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  4. Holy crap dude that was awesome! Love the vids! I now know where I’ll have to stand when I see them down here!
    I hope to remove the sting with some link love 🙂

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  6. Here is a spoof of Lifehouse at, I know that would interfere with their pop fantasy.

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