So it looks like I will get to cross one of the band I want to see before I die of my list. This Saturday Russ, his pops, and I are heading out to Fort Wayne, Indiana to see some LIFEHOUSE! It’s taken a while for this to hit me but I am getting really excited to see them. If you frequent this blog you know I have posted about these guys many times in the past. I assure you there will be pictures and video of this event! It seems as though this is a general admission event so we should be able to get up close and personal. I just hope the good ol’ preacherhawkins doesn’t get culture shock! At any rate this is going to be a great show. I am pumped. Conner man I wish you could come too!


2 Responses to “LIFEHOUSE *LIVE*”

  1. Dude I would LOVE to! I’ve got to wait another month to catch them down here but catching them with you guys would be incredible!

  2. the spoof is on, at we have to interfere with the nicey nice fantasy.

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