The Time Has Come For…


So as the Mud mentioned in his post Fall Ball is upon us. This is my favorite time of year. The leaves are changing, the air is clean and crisp, there is a soothing chill in the air, and the New York Yankees are in the playoffs. I won’t get into all that because I don’t want to spoil you Yankee Haters mood, so I’ll just say this, nothing beats October baseball. The only thing that comes close is Football on Thanksgiving. This year we have some great teams as well as some teams that don’t see October unless they have a make up game. One thing that’s great about this year is I really like all the teams in the playoffs this year, well except Boston, but I’m sure you all knew that. As big of a Detroit fan as I am, if some how the Tribe get past the Bombers I won’t be sad if they win the whole thing. They are a good team and they’ve earned their spot. Colorado was a great surprise and I hope they do well. My wife loves the Rockies, but not because of the team really. You see when we were in the 6th grade Starter coats were BIG! Everyone was wearing them. They were the ones that pulled over your head like a sweat shirt. Well since my wife loved purple guess what team she picked for hers? Ever since then she has had a sweet spot for the team. So needless to say we will probably be a house divided. So here we go.
Indians vs. Yankees (Thursday @ 6:30pm)
Red Sox vs. Angels (Wednesday @ 6:30pm)

Diamondback vs. Cubs (Wednesday @ 10:0pm)
Phillies vs. Rockies (Wednesday @ 3:00pm)


One Response to “The Time Has Come For…”

  1. Thanks for stompin’ The Original Mudpuppy aka Loser Cubs Fan.

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