Busy day

So today is a little busy for me. Got a few rush jobs so not much time for the morning bloging. However, just to give you all a short up day on things that are going on and things that are currently running wild in my brain.

Superman Doomsday:

I finally watched it on Friday. I might do a full review later today, but it was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Really the story wasn’t what bothered me the most. It was the illustrations that had me scratching my head. Oh and the fact that no one seemed to be able to pronounce Lex’s last name properly. Last I checked there was a u there not an ORE, but that is just me. As far as illustrations go, Lex looked like he got hit in the face with a skillet and since when does your jaw line go to the top of your head. It’s funny his head looked like the the artist forgot to erase their guide lines. Anyway, more on this later.


Things went really well on Sunday. We played a new tune I am sure Klampert will be happy to hear about. We played “Call to Worship” by Vicky Beeching. Aunt Jill did a great job as always and I really think that Vicky has a good style for her voice.

Fantasy Football:

I am in two leagues this year. One league I’m in first place (until tuesday) and in Russ’ League I’m in last and it’s not getting any better. Stupid Larry Johnson! Anyway, right now I am dropping and adding guys like Britney Spears but can’t really find anyone who will produce. It’s a sad sad situation.


Had to put two new tires on the wife’s car. Ouch! Stupid independent suspension.

Saturday got to see the wife’s family which was nice. Got to talk with her cousin who ignited my fire for the PSP as well as Tattoos.

So that’s it for now really. Oh I shouldn’t fail to mention that stats are way up on this site! Like probably 100%. I recently got a banner ad at SVFan.com. So I am sure I will be encountering some new readers. If you are a Smallville fan that site is awesome.


5 Responses to “Busy day”


    we had to get 2 new tires also…arg…

  2. Tattoos yes…PSP??? Really???

    Oh and it looks like you’re taking this race to 50k seriously 🙂

  3. Dude, my PSP is my favorite little toy right now. In fact I’m using it right now to leave this comment. When you get one I will hook you up with custom firmware(for “backups”, emulators, PSX compatibility) and your own personal Superman theme(which you can design). The “fat” PSPs are cheap now because of the “slim” version is out now. You can actually do more with the fat one right now anyway. Get one! You won’t regret it. Oh yeah, it plays SCUMMVM too! Portable “Day of the Tentacle”, WOO HOO!

  4. Brandon,

    Thanks for checking out the blog man. I keep meaning to reply. Yes PSP’s are awesome and I have heard that you can do so many things with them. I already have a program that converts video for them. I am super pumped about getting one. Hopefully we can get together soon and you can show me what you’ve done with yours.

  5. I’m taking it on the chin in fantasy football as well! Lousy Chargers!

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