Heroes Season 2 Review

heroreview.jpgSo I know I am pretty late with this review but I figured better late than never. So I write this from the perspective of someone who only watched the first episode of season 1 so I don’t know a lot of the plot detail but I didn’t feel too lost when watching the first episode of the new season. I have every intention of getting the first season and watching it hence the reason for watching season 2. I don’t want to fall behind. With that I say this, I loved the show! From watching the first episode of the first season I pretty much know most of the characters and what they can do so in that respect I was able to at least identify what each character is capable. I love the shows direction. It’s very real in a non campy sort of way. Most people thought that the episode was really boring but I thought is planted a lot of seeds for things to come. Let me just say this, I love Hiro! That dude is awesome. I really excited about that storyline. As well as the story developing with his Father and Nathan Petrelli mother. I also like the introduction of the new villain that is supposed to be a badder man than Sylar. All good things. Also the new brother and sister that are making their way to America. That is some crazy ability to make someone bleed from the eyes. I can’t wait to see where that is headed.

So that’s it really. What did you guys think?


One Response to “Heroes Season 2 Review”

  1. If you liked season 2 then chances are you’ll enjoy season one far more as for the most part season 2 felt like an in between story to build up for season 3….season 1 movies faster and is generally more focused.

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