The weekend that was and the week that is.

So this weekend was pretty nice. Saturday the wife and I woke up and made some Wheat Pancakes got ready and went into Ann Arbor to do some shopping. Ha funny thing is we totally forgot that Michigan was home again this week. So Ann Arbor was a mad crazy place. We drove down State Street and the houses were packed with people. I never really got into the whole college party thing. I mean come on I went to art school. Our idea of a college party was getting together to “trade” the latest software with a $5 little caesar pizza and some Mountain Dew. So needless to say the girls dancing on the roof and multi level beer bongs were a bit of a culture shock. Not to mention the stench of beer in the air and cop cars posted up in the middle of the road just watching in case something got out of hand. So yeah we finally made it to the running store and I got some new Brooks running shoes. It’s amazing the difference they made, but more on that later. After that is was off to the pet store to get Daisy some food.

We returned home to give the running shoes a try. Becca was running 9 miles and I was running 2. You can imagine how emasculating that is. So the new shoes worked out well. My feet felt happy, which is surprising since I ran about 4 miles more than I was supposed to this week. After the runs (mine was over in 20 min while the wife ran for another hour, which gave me time to play a little Madden) we made dinner and went to the store to rent a movie. Came back home and 30 min into the movie Bec falls asleep and I put in Smallville to try and finish up season 4.

Sunday, we get to church early to rehearse the set before service. I man the acoustic this week which is something I enjoy. It’s a nice change from the electric. The set was simple but very successful. After church it’s time for FOOTBALL. Lions got blown out and so did I. I need new RB’s. The Pops comes over for a Man Of Steel prepared steak dinner and we get in some good visiting. Mom was out of town so she missed out, I was bummed but Dad filled the void. After Dad left I ran again. I peeled almost 3 mins off my 2 mile time but my left shine was killing me. After a quick shower the wife and I finished the movie and I popped in Smallville again.

That was my weekend.

The Week that is:

This week marks some pretty cool things. Tonight I am getting Pizza and watching Prison Break! Also need to give the dog a bath as well as finish up a few side projects. Tomorrow Russ and I are heading into town to pick up some new Crowder! It’s going to be a good day. Also this is SMALLVILLE WEEK! I can’t wait. I have high hopes for this season.

How was your weekend?


One Response to “The weekend that was and the week that is.”

  1. sorry man I really thought this week was your week. I got lucky I guess

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