Rock Band


So I am sure many of you already wail on Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II, you know this guy does, but as you know in a technological society built on “one-uping” itself thery weren’t going to stop there. Rock Band is going to be the new must have game. The games was demoed at the E3 video game trade show and was a huge hit. The game will be released November 20th for X box 360 and PS3. The game will include a guitar, drums, and a mic. The Guitar can also play the bass parts as well. I personally like the Fender Strat that’s included in this. It beats the cheesey knock-off ax’s included in the previously released Guitar Hero games.
The game will Retail for $200, nearly twice as much as the regular Guitar Hero but it doesn’t seem to slow down the hype. I am interested to see what happens with this one. I am sure it will be a success even with people that can’t play an instrument or posses a shred of rhythm or musical ability, I mean come on it’s never stopped pop music!
Also don’t forget about Guitar Hero III that will be released the first of the year. Good news for wii owners!


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