Never to old to learn right?

So I was thinking on my run last night about this blog thing that I do everyday. I was scratching my head trying to heat up551783_92144525.jpg some brain cells to spark some new ideas. So then I got to thinking, sparks and smoke aside, I came up with one of my biggest difficulties in life. Procrastination and Fear. Usually one leads to the other. Well I’ve decided that I am going to break the habit with organization. From now on I want to take one thing a week that I don’t understand and research it and find out what it’s all about. For instance, I have no clue what the stock market is all about. What points are and the DOW. I know that might be sad to some of you, but give me a break I’m an artist. However, this challenge come with a twist (this is where you guys come in). I will post my topic of research for the week and anyone who knows anything about the subject can give me information on it in the comments along with something they don’t understand or would like to know more about it. I’ll post what I know and others can join in. You get the idea. Basically is forms this community of knowledge and learning. So the topic of the week is the stock market. Investing is important especially with social security being but a faint memory by the time I am old enough to draw it. So please if you know anything about it let me know, otherwise I will be researching a little each day to learn more about it.


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