An Update for updates sake.

So the mud did a nice little post to update to avid readers on what he’s been up to and how his goals are coming. I’ve decided to do the same.

shoes.jpgThis was my first week for training for the Turkey Trot. Things have been going great. I ran Monday and it was pretty hard to get my pace and find a groove. I did however finish my two miles in 22 minutes. Which is around a 11 min mile. My pace is set for a 12:40 mile so I am doing well there. Tuesdays was supposed to be my day off but I felt good and wanted to run. I finished feeling better throughout the run but finished a minute slower. I think I will run today. I’m not supposed to but today this week has been stressful and running it good therapy. I’ll still run Saturday with Becca but today is a good run day.

Mud & Steel will hopefully be back in the fall. If you guys would give the mud puppy a hard time because he seems to be draggin his feet. We’ve wanted to “kick it up a notch”, to barrow from the great Emeril, so that we have some fresh stuff for you this season. Stay tuned for that..I hope.

houseofel.png Last but not least Smallville. Season 7 starts in a week from today! I couldn’t be more excited. As for my venture in re-watching the previous seasons in time for the season 7 premier, well I’m neck deep in season 4. I’m going to try my best to get through season 5 but I doubt I’ll get to season 6 in time. However I could always watch it the week after season 7 starts. I could get through it in a week. In further Smallville news, Derek from Starkville’s House Of El hit me up on IM today. Let me tell you, you wouldn’t meet a nicer guy. We talked for about an hour and it was awesome. What a real guy. I could see if I got a hold of him and he was polite enough to say hey, but he actually sought me out. What a huge honor it was. Can’t say enough good things about him. I can’t wait till the season starts so I can hear what those guys have to say on their podcast.

Well that’s about it. That should bring you all up to speed on what’s been going on.  So how are all of you?


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