Look but don’t Touch


So I am sure most of you have seen or heard about the new iPod Touch. For a while now I have been complaining to Russ about how I wanted an iPhone but it would be so expensive to get out of my contract with Verizon and then drop half a G for this little baby. I even remembered saying “I wish they would come out with something like this that isn’t a phone!” Well my wish was granted, but I can’t help but to recall the famous advice of, “be careful of what you wish for…” Well now that the iPod Touch or as I affectionately call it, the iTouch (ha ha that’s sounds creepy, I see now why they included the Pod in there bfore touch) is out, I can’t help but to ask why? What is this thing really good for without the phone technology? So what now we pay at least $300 bucks for an iPod with less storage than the G1 iPod released back in the day, all for what the ability to surf the web on the go? See I use this little invention called a “laptop”. It lets me surf the web on the go. It has a big screen and it has more than 8GB of storage. Oh yeah it also plays music. I mean seriously, any place that you could use the iPod touch’s wireless technology you’re probably gonna have a laptop or could have a laptop. Oh yeah I almost forgot, you get to jab at it with your finger like you’re checking to see weather it’s dead or not. So it’s not just a clever name? Let’s face it, the Mad Scientist that is Steve Jobs only developed the iTouch to head the hackers off at the pass. People all over the place were hacking the iPhone to basically act as an iPod with Wi-Fi. So personally along with the squishy Nanos this was a huge disappointment. I love Apple but I hope this isn’t a start of a slide. I won’t even start on what I think of the new iMovie! Geesh! As far as I am concerned they should name the new iPod line iWon’t, as in iWon’t be buying them.


3 Responses to “Look but don’t Touch”

  1. yeah. i hate the new imovie. it’s obviously nicer. but it’s so much bulkier and slows me down. so does the new iphoto.

  2. The iPhone got so much crap regarding it’s ‘necessity’ and price then this drops. I love the idea but yeah, give it to me in 160GB like the normal ones! What’s the point? I think you nailed it on the head.

  3. I’m curious man. What don’t you like about iMovie?

    I don’t have a mac, but saw a demo of the new iMovie. It looked phreaking awesome with the ability to quickly scrub through a clip to find the segment you want.

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