The Real Smallville Season 7 Trailer

Okay so they finally released the full trailer for Smallville season 7. It’s not up on youtube yet but you can find it here. Looks pretty exciting. I can’t wait. We are just 2 weeks away.

h/t: House Of El


Here is the trailer.


3 Responses to “The Real Smallville Season 7 Trailer”

  1. Did I see a little Bizarro action in there? o.O

  2. Yup Bizarro was at the end of season 6. It also doesn’t look like he will meet his demise until later in season 7 if then. It might be the new villain arc for the season since it looks like Lex is going to try and turn over a new leaf…again after Supergirl saves him from drowning. It should be interesting.

  3. I really beat up general zod when he came to metropolis and I was angry at general zod because he wants me to raise for zod and I couldn’t do it because I supposed to save people in Metropolis and state of new york
    and then generel zod & I had an battle with him and then I win against
    general zod at my home at the north pole and I realized that thousand
    of person are counting on me. My cousin supergirl came to metropolis to
    search for me because I am the last son of krypton and I realized that my cousin supergirl came from krypton too. But somehow there’s an new krypton in the outer space and I had to see it for myself and it was really
    there in the outer space and then I came back to earth again and I protect the people which I care about.



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