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So I just got a glimpse at the new IRON MAN trailer. Hmmm. At first I thought Robert Downey Jr. was a strange choice to play Tony Stark, but then I caught the few lines in the trailer. The personality is dead on. There might be some hope for this movie yet. I must confess I almost permanently blinded myself from the eye roll the news of an Iron Man movie received. I was never really into Iron Man. It seemed like a reach to make a movie about him. I could see if he was in a movie about Captain America as a supporting  character but never a movie by himself. I would say a glimmer of hope would be that Jon Favreau would be directing. Also a star studded cast with the likes of Sam Jackson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and, Terrence Howard also give the film some promise. Dispite all the skepticism I’m sure I’ll go see it and it will make a butt-load of money hence perpetuating the vicious cycle of every comic book property being squashed into a 2 hour movie with multiple sequels who’s mythology suffer from shotty creative licensing and an alternating director/supporting cast. Who’s with me?

You can see the trailer here.


4 Responses to “Trailer out”

  1. Yeah, I’ll be seeing this one for sure. And I’m not into comics, or huge CGI movies.

  2. Man, beat me on this one. You got a camera in my house or something?

  3. DUDE! Yeah I’ve been stoked about this for months. Even watching the leaked footage from Comicon and what not. I’m glad you posted the link to the real trailer! Looks incredible!

    HOWEVER, I’m with you on this is beginning to look like we’re cheapening the legacy of the heroes/villains we grew up with. You can’t make a good movie, you have to make a good trilogy and create something new and twist the foundation that someone great created. I don’t know. What else should we expect from Hollywood.
    Spider-man pissed me off killing one of the greatest villains (or maybe just 1 of my favorites) in 1 movie. I still haven’t seen 3.

  4. I cant wait man…..really stoked. as long as its like spidey and not like hulk and ghost rider…we should be good.

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