Roller Becca

rollerbecca.jpgSo as you all know by now yesterday was my wife’s birthday. As part of the celebration I wanted to do something we have never done together and that she loved to do. Little did I know my wife was a rollerskating champion as a kid. Every weekend was spent at the rink with her gaggle of girlfriends. She even saved up her money and bought skates she customized herself. They even have Mustangs on the wheels, so you know I loved that. She is so proud of those skates. So of course I had to bring them. We got there right when it opened. It worked out perfect because the only day they are open during the week is Wednesday, which is on Becca’s birthday. So we got there and it was like stepping back in time. She was 13 again. She put on her skates that were still in perfect shape and she was bee-bopping all over the place.

I rented rollerblades because hockey ruined me on roller skates. I would break my neck on those things now. Becca however was awesome. She just sped around with this big smile on her face. I couldn’t stop smiling either. It made me really happy to see that she was having such a good time. I know one thing is for sure, it won’t be another 12 years before she goes skating.


3 Responses to “Roller Becca”

  1. that’s crazy. i used to have a crush on this roller skating champ at my local rink. i never met her. or saw her for that matter. but there was a huge poster of her on the wall with the owner.


  2. those are some nice earings.. has she had those since she was thirteen too. maybe a rename is in order 25 going on 13?

  3. […] what’s not to love about someone who knows your favorite show. Who can make you feel like a kid again. Who tells stories like this one. Or how about someone who makes sacrifices for other people. […]

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