Happy Birthday Becca!


So today is my wife’s 25th birthday. Those of you who don’t know her, she is the most beautiful, honest, hardworking, determined, loving, caring, fun loving, goofy, unique person in the world. Those of you who do know her probably could add a lot more things to that list. She hates the spotlight so I’ll probably get some flack for this post but she deserves it. I just can’t help but to share with the whole world that she is the best thing in my life and each year is a gift to not only me but everyone around her.

Happy Birthday Babe!


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Becca!”

  1. Awww thanks! You are too sweet! Love you!


  3. She’s great. You know I love her!

  4. Happy Birthday Becca!

    Great post man. I always love to see guys loving on their wives.

  5. great photo…happy birthday

  6. Crazy cool pic!
    I’m sure she’s excited to hear your internet buds wishing her a happy bday 🙂
    But here’s wishing her an incredible one!

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